types of finishes

Types of finishes


A shiny, mirror-like look obtained by filling the pores of the rough saw-cut surface through treating and grinding the surface using some polishing abrasive stone. The end result is a glossy surface finish that brings out the full colour and character of the stone. This versatile treatment is usually best for countertops, walls and flooring as it adds a beautiful sheen.


Honed is semi polished or matte finish, with polishing only to a certain level, shy of generating a gloss level on the surface of the stone. Once again, different stones will carry a different level of honing based on the mineral structure. It is a good choice for flooring, stair treads, thresholds and other high traffic areas.


Stone is acid washed to create the tumbling effect, and then brushed with mechanical wire to “smooth” the surface. This finish gives the illusion of reclaimed material with history and character. A good application of this material is granite flooring in an alleyway.


A light abrasive finish, used for floors that need to be more slip resistant. The look is created by applying a high pressure blast of sand to the stone's surface. It makes the stone highly suitable for pool deck and bathroom areas.


A flamed surface has a deep textured finish that will often hide surface imperfections in the stone. The finish is achieved by exposing the stone to high-temperature flame that results in a deeply textured surface. Most commonly used in outdoor areas, particularly near swimming pools, where slip resistance is an important consideration.

Bush Hammered:

A natural stone finish achieved by the application of a hydraulic bush hammer to the surface. The appearance of the bush hammered finish is industrial with a large number of close and small indents. The even grazing creates a non-slip surface ideal for high traffic external areas. This finish also lightens the color and dulls any patterning found in a stone's natural state.